Friday, July 2, 2010

Cutrona Studios

It has been far too long since I updated my blog. Frankly I've been a LITTLE busy. As of May 21st we opened our doors to the public with a new space in the Mashpee Commons: Cutrona Studios. Here we have a gallery, a lush lounge area, an infinity wall for shooting, and an office. We are seriously thrilled with it so far. Pictures and more news to come. SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT! STAY TUNED!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Decisive Moment

Pretty much every photographer worth his salt, sites Henri Cartier-Bresson as an influence. He coined the term "The Decisive Moment", and it stuck. The decisive moment can be anything from a tender caress, a change in light, or a straight up action shot. Even in the world of 8 shot per second digital cameras with 16 Gigabyte memory cards, it still feels good when you hit that "Decisive Moment."You don't have to be a cool French photographer from the 1940's to photograph them either. There are decisive moments happening all around you. Just reach out with your camera and grab one. (Cue the inspirational theme music)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I have a new website!

There is so much to look at and read on this grand interweb that we surf (The phrase to "surf online" is about as 2003 as writing a blog)
Since there is so much already out there, I decided to add to it.
Without any further ado, I would like to introduce:

This web-site is dedicated specifically to my interior and architectural photography.
Easy. Straight to the point. No pictures of models lying in tennis balls. Just Interiors, and Exteriors.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cape Cod Characters

An Indian Chief, a ship captain and a gallery owner walk into a bar....

Is this the start of a REALLY bad joke, or is it a Saturday night in Hyannis? Only on Cape Cod could this be a viable possibility.
From an outsiders point of view, Cape Cod has a "hoitey-toitey" reputation that can be attributed to its fair share of Sperry Topsider and over-the-shoulder-sweater clad men and women that can be seen on any given Main St.. However, contrary to popular belief, "Hyannisport is a ghetto," (to quote Vampire Weekend, even though it is not really true) and there is a LOT more diversity to the people of Cape Cod than their preppy reputation that precedes them.
This fact is pretty clear in the portraits I shot for the latest issue of Cape Cod Life. For each town that is highlighted in the Annual Guide, a person was chosen to represent that town. It was so much fun to spend time with each and every one of these people. Being in the captains quarters on the Hy-Line fast ferry with Captain John Lynch felt like we were going 100mph. Listening to all of Chief Earl Mills' stories of Mashpee, you'd think he was 300 years old with the amount of "life" he has packed into his life. It was truly a privilege for these people to let me in, so I could come away with some photos that I hope represent them well. Here is a slideshow of the people with a few extra pictures that were not included in the magazine. Be sure to check out the magazine so you can read Jeff Harder's fantastic interviews as well.

BOURNE- Captain John Lynch, Hy-Line
SANDWICH- Barbara Gill Town Archivist
FALMOUTH- Eric Turkington- Former State Rep
MASHPEE- Chief Earl Mills, Wampanoag Chief
BARNSTABLE- Bob DeGrace, Hyannisport Native
YARMOUTH- Caroline Ellis, Artist
DENNIS- Paul Endres, owner of Sundae School
BREWSTER- Charlottw Fyfe, Candleberry Inn owner
HARWICH- Gregg Winston, Winstead Inn
CHATHAM- Ben Godspeed, former selectman
ORLEANS- Bill Quinn, photographer and author
EASTHAM- "Nick" Nickerson, owner of Arnold's
WELLFLEET- Mac Hay, Mac's seafood owner
TRURO- George and Janet Mooney, lifelong farmer
PROVINCETOWN- Berta Walker, gallery owner
MARTHA"S VINEYARD- Kenneth Vincent, artist
NANTUCKET- Joan Bunting, Nantucket Island Tours