Saturday, July 21, 2012

Save the Last Shot..

There are some lessons you learn from your mentors that you never forget. When I was 16 years old I would scan the pages of the Sentinel & Enterprise everyday searching for the best photos. Julia Cheng was a name that kept popping up over and over, of someone who's pictures I loved. When I found her one day out shooting, while I was riding my bike, I was thrilled. Through this initial encounter, she became my photographic "mother" and mentor when I started working at the newspaper a year later. One of the many things she taught me, (which was a basic photojournalist rule of thumb), was to always leave a couple frames on your film as your leaving a scene. You never know what can happen between the moment you think "Okay I'm done" and the moment you get back in your car. I was shooting a session at Skaket Beach in Orleans the other night, and I was all done. But instead of packing up the camera, I kept it dangling around my neck, with room left on my memory card. On the way back to my car I shot these two lovebirds enjoying a sunset. Cliche? Yes. Glad I shot it? Definitely.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boston Globe Magazine Shoot

I recently shot this cover for last weeks Boston Sunday Globe magazine. It is an amazing little modern beach house in West Falmouth built by my friend Ralph Cataldo, named 2011 Best the COUNTRY, and designed by Jeremiah Eck. Our cover model Leah did the interior design, and she spends much of the summer here with her beautiful family. This also is yet another Conry/Cutrona tag team, with writer Jaci Conry putting together words to make a story happen. So proud to have 500,000 of these bad boys in circulation!
I love that Eames Chair
Those photos above her head are amazing