Thursday, September 29, 2011

I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and write a clever entertaining blog post every time. The problem is, that whenever I go to do it, I say to myself, "No, no, now is not the time. This has to be something special. Something that will make people stand up from their desks and start an 80's movie "slow-clap"when they are done reading"

But I'm going to stop thinking that, and start posting more frequently instead. You know what they say, More is More. It has been a few months since I posted, due to a VERY busy summer. My last post was actually taken down because of a friendly, but stern letter from Wes Andersen's production manager, as they were filming in Rhode Island. For those of you that read that post before it was taken down-good for you.

Speaking of concerts, I haven't been to one in a while, and am considering going to see Lee MacDougall in Boston Thursday night. I photographed him last winter for the Pattinson Post, since he is a buddy of the freakishly famous Robert Pattinson. He played at Club Passim in Cambridge, and before the show we were able to spend about 15 minutes in the alley outside for a speedy photo-shoot before the performance. He was a  truly gracious subject, standing in the FREEZING cold for the sake of the shot. It was interesting photographing someone before you even know who he is, and later becoming a huge fan of his music. He put on an amazing show, and his CD(Yes, I still religiously buy CD's instead of downloads) has been on heavy rotation for months now. Here are some of the results. For you photo geeks out there, since time was of the essence, it was a very simple set-up--single 580EX, off-camera on a light stand fired by a Pocket Wizard(I NEVER really trust Canon infra-red) Maybe I had a Fong diffuser on it? Enjoy! And if you want to check out Lee, Thursday, September 29th at Market in Boston. Tickets are only $8 bucks.