Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photographers pretty much always complain about how their pictures look in magazines. "Oh they cropped it wrong", "The color is off", "It's too small"(Insert joke from The Office here)
But this months issue of American Art Collector features a photo I did of Wellfleet artist Rick Fleury as a DOUBLE page spread. I've never had an environmental portrait showcased as a "double truck" layout, so Rick, congratulations on being the first! Also, congratulations to Rick for being featured in a national magazine that is a pretty darn big deal if you are an artist. I think artists are my favorite subject, and this is the second time I've photographed Rick. It was a great session, and we hung clean blank canvases behind him, which I think is cool, and one of his paintings in the foreground. His work really is amazing, and if no one in my family needs my kidney, I will definitely own one of his paintings some day! Check out his work at and he is represented by

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