Saturday, July 21, 2012

Save the Last Shot..

There are some lessons you learn from your mentors that you never forget. When I was 16 years old I would scan the pages of the Sentinel & Enterprise everyday searching for the best photos. Julia Cheng was a name that kept popping up over and over, of someone who's pictures I loved. When I found her one day out shooting, while I was riding my bike, I was thrilled. Through this initial encounter, she became my photographic "mother" and mentor when I started working at the newspaper a year later. One of the many things she taught me, (which was a basic photojournalist rule of thumb), was to always leave a couple frames on your film as your leaving a scene. You never know what can happen between the moment you think "Okay I'm done" and the moment you get back in your car. I was shooting a session at Skaket Beach in Orleans the other night, and I was all done. But instead of packing up the camera, I kept it dangling around my neck, with room left on my memory card. On the way back to my car I shot these two lovebirds enjoying a sunset. Cliche? Yes. Glad I shot it? Definitely.

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